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800GPD Direct Flow RO Water Dispenser

800GPD Direct Flow RO Water Dispenser

Our 800GPD direct flow RO water dispenser is one of our major products. It is reasonably designed and offers many great features:
1. With UV sterilizing function, it ensures customers receive only clean, healthy filtered water.
2. The adoption of MLSB membrane element technology contributes to increased water production and reduced wastewater.
3. The RO water dispenser can achieve fast heating with double hot tanks.
4. The touch buttons, working status indication, filter lifespan alarm, as well as child lock, leakage protection and electric shock protection combine to ensure easy, reliable operation and safety.
5. Quick fittings greatly facilitate the installation of our water dispenser.

1st stage: 5μm PPF
2nd stage: granular activated carbon
3rd stage: 1μm PPF
4th stage: side stream RO membrane
3d断组一一天齐网 5th stage: post activated carbon

Parameters of 800GPD Direct Flow RO Water Dispenser
Rated voltage: AC 220 V 50 HZ
Heating/Total power: 3000 W/3200 W
Water pressure: 0.1-0.35 MPa
Water temperature: 5-38 ℃
Max TDS of source water: ≤1000 PPM
Electric shock protection: TypeⅠ

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