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75GPD Side Stream Water Purifier

75GPD Side Stream Water Purifier

our 75gpd side stream water purifier comes standard with a 3.2g tank and stainless steel gooseneck faucet. it has a user friendly led display that indicates system working status and filter life alarm, ensuring reliable, easy operation. the water purification device is suited for municipal water, allowing a wide range of feed water pressures and temperatures.

1. The innovative side stream RO membrane can double the membrane surface flow rate even when the feed flow is reduced by 30 %, thereby increasing the membrane surface flushing flow, reducing the membrane surface concentration polarization and improving the salt rejection rate. This allows the recovery rate of RO membrane element to be increased from 25 % to 50 %, and wastewater discharge volume to be reduced by 40-50 %.
2. Due to the adoption of patented MLSB (multi-leaves single bag) screw type and side stream membrane element technologies, the residential membrane element achieves a high utilization rate of 85-90 %, while conventional membranes just have a utilization rate of 70 %.
3. For conventional water purifiers, it is impossible to flush the concentrate water out of the membrane element when the tank is full, resulting in such problems as membrane scale and contamination. For our side stream water purifiers, the utilization of the patented full flushing technology helps significantly reduce the flushing wastewater discharge by 50 % and thus prolongs the lifetime of RO membranes and pretreatment filters.
4. With an optimal design, the side stream water purifier can produce more water each time, which can effectively reduce device startup frequencies and extend the service life of pretreatment filters by 30 %. As a result, it gives end users a 30 % reduction in the usage and maintenance costs.

1st stage: 5µm PP sediment filter
2nd stage: 85C granular activated carbon filter
3rd stage: CTO filter
4th stage: 75G RO membrane
5th stage: post carbon filter
Tank: 3.2 G
Faucet: stainless steel gooseneck faucet
Pump: 80 PSI/0.12 GPM

Parameters of 75GPD Side Stream Water Purifier
Feed Water Pressure: 0.1-0.35 MPa
Feed Water Temperature:5 ℃-38 ℃
Feed Water Condition: municipal water
Filter Specifications:10" filter
Capacity: 75GPD at 25 ℃, 65 Psi.
Tank Capacity: 3.2 Gallon
Power: 110 V/220 V

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