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  • 800GPD Direct Flow RO Water DispenserWith UV sterilizing function, it ensures customers receive only clean, healthy filtered water.
    The adoption of MLSB membrane element technology contributes to increased water production and reduced wastewater.
    The RO water dispenser can achieve fast heating with double hot tanks.
  • 500GPD Commercial Water Purifier Complete indicating of working conditions through the flow meter, TDS indicator and pressure gauge contributes to ensuring the smooth operation of the purification device and quality of filtered water. In addition, safety construction prevents leakage and electric shock, so users can feel secure in using our 500GPD commercial water purifier.
  • Water Vending Machine Our water vending machine is an ideal pure water supply facility for residential communities. It contains a 200 L tank made of food grade material for hygiene purpose. Five stage RO purification with extra UV sterilization ensures customers receive only clean, safe water. The water vending machine completes all processes automatically and accepts either coin or IC card for purchases.
  • 400GPD Commercial Water Purifier Our 400GPD commercial water purifier is a cost effective product that will surely meet customers' pure water needs due to the five stage reverse osmosis filtration process. With wheels at the bottom and a tank installed inside, the water purifier is easy to remove and space saving. In addition, the water purification system has auto flush function and will automatically turn off when lack of feed water or the tank is full.
  • 100-400GPD Auto Flush Commercial RO Water Purifier Our 100-400GPD auto flush commercial RO water purifier is a good choice for customers who are looking for high quality and cost effective water purification device. Thanks to its five stage RO filtration process, the product can effectively remove contaminants and other harmful substances from water, thus providing clean, safe drinking water. With auto flush function, the water purifier helps save people's effort.
  • 600GPD Direct Flow RO System The direct flow RO system has a large capacity, which can produce 600 gallons of filtered water per day. By processing municipal water through five stage RO filtration process, the system can effectively remove contaminants and other harmful substances from water. Customers can feel confident in the quality and safety of the filtered water.

Commercial RO Water Purifier

3d断组一一天齐网want your employees or clients to enjoy pure water in your office or your restaurant? choose our commercial ro water purifier! to suit diverse needs, our company provides a wide range of products with different capacities, such as 600gpd direct flow ro water purifier, 500gpd commercial water purifier, 100-400gpd auto flush commercial ro water purifier, etc.

our company is a professional commercial ro water purifier manufacturer in china. we provide a comprehensive range of products, including indicator ro water purifier, ro membrane, accessories, auto flush ro water purifier, and more.

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