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Water Softener

Water Softener

our company mainly produces two types of water softener. our water softening device is designed and manufactured with water quality and hygiene in mind. it uses food grade resin for safe softening and anti-algae, antibacterial storage tank to prevent internal contamination. in addition, the salt storage tank is made from high density pe material, which is durable and deformation resistant. the auto smart controller, human oriented flow and time control technology and menu driven interface ensures reliable, accurate control and easy operations. our water softeners also feature personalized setting of regeneration program, and they are water and salt saving due to the adoption of standing regeneration technology.

Technical Parameters of Water Softener

Dimension 335X505X575 mm (L×W×H) 335X505X1040 mm (L×W×H)
Control system BNT850 electronic flow control valve
Resin volume 12.5 L 25 L
Salt storage 20 kg 50 kg
Working flow ≤ 1.0 T/H ≤ 2.0 T/H
Weight ≤19 kg (net weight) ≤ 35 kg (net weight)

3d断组一一天齐网we are a professional water softener manufacturer and supplier, based in china. we offer a broad range of products, including ro equipment water system, auto flush ro water purifier, side stream water purifier, under sink ro water purifier, among others.

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