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  • RO Membrane ElementsAs one of the largest reverse osmosis membrane element manufacturers in China, our company can produce all kinds of residential and industrial RO membrane elements. Reverse osmosis membrane elements of special specified size are also available.
  • RO Membrane MachineAfter the RO membrane is used for quiet a while, calcium, magnesium and some organic substances may accumulate on its surface. These substances will affect the filtration efficiency and water quality if they are not timely removed. Therefore, a RO membrane cleaner is needed. Our RO membrane cleaner can wash three pieces of reverse osmosis membrane at one time.
  • Side Stream RO MembraneOur side stream RO membrane results in less waster water, which is environmentally friendly.
    It provides a high salt rejection rate, which can be more than 98 %.
    Due to less concentration polarization, our RO membrane has a lower risk of being contaminated and thus provides a longer lifespan.

RO Membrane

ro membrane is a key component of the water purifier. its properties and performance directly affects the quality and safety of the water produced by the purification system. this is why we import quality membrane sheets from japan's toray to ensure the core quality of the elements.

3d断组一一天齐网our company provides a wide variety of ro membrane products, including ro membrane elements, side stream ro membrane, ro membrane cleaner, and more.

we are a professional ro membrane manufacturer based in china. our company provides a broad range of products, including water softener, all-in-one ro water purifier, auto flush ro water purifier, commercial water purifier, and much more.

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